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Builder Advantages

As a custom builder, you want the doors of the home that you're building to be statement pieces. Upstate Door has the capability to create exactly what the architect specs, no matter how unique or detailed. Our doors arrive on time and in perfect condition, so you never have to worry about damage during transit. You can feel comfortable knowing that we will create accurate shop drawings and you won't have to worry about the door cracking or failing because our quality and craftsmanship is second to none.

When we say Fine Door Solutions, One Source, we mean that we can manage and manufacture all wood doors in the entire job, from start to finish, from a simple sketch to delivery on installation day. We keep you in the loop the entire time, but give you the freedom to work on other projects and more leeway to concentrate on other aspects of the job. All of our doors are handcrafted and American made.

All doors are manufactured using the latest CNC technology. We perform machining for hinge pockets, hardware, downsizing and beveling all before the door is complete. CNC machining is by far the most accurate and consistent option available in the industry. It offers a horizontal aggregate, which means the door is held perfectly flat while everything is being machined. This is important because we remove the human factor and everything is machined consistently and completed with the same horsepower. Tolerances are 100% accurate, which gives us complete flexibility over any type of job, making custom jobs easy to do. If you are looking for quality, continuity, and accuracy, Upstate Door is the right company to deal with. No matter what kind of door you need, we're here to help you get the best solution for your job and your customer. 


We recommend our Upstate Door Architectural Representative meet you and your team at your job site. Why is this beneficial?

1. The knowledge of your team member increases because he can ask any question and has our rep at their disposal. They can learn more about our product construction, capabilities, add ons, etc. Our reps have the most knowledge about our products because they go through extensive trainings to understand all of the details and craftsmanship that goes into each door and can easily and quickly convey that to a builder.

2. The relationships formed between your team members, the dealer, and our Architectural Representative are crucial. Our goal is to have these three parties communicate directly if a problem arises or if you are interested in using Upstate Door for your next project. These three parties can discuss potential new jobs from the ground up and can offer solutions ahead of time before the project has even begun to ensure that they have exactly what they need to cover all bases.

A key aspect to remember is that our reps are employees and therefore won't try and sell you any other products other than our fine wood doors. This makes things much easier because their knowledge base is specifically tailored to Upstate Door and providing the right solutions for your job.

We offer levels of training based on knowledge and experience level to tailor it to the needs and understanding of each builder. Builders are always encouraged to join in a plant tour so they can see our construction and learn more about our products.