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Facility Tours

The best way to learn about Upstate Door and our capabilities is to schedule a facility tour and come to Warsaw, NY to see exactly how we make our doors and see the attention to detail.

Why should you take a plant tour?
Dealer employees, builders, and architects alike typically come away with a much broader knowledge of Upstate Door and our capabilities. It makes it much easier to explain our detailed product to a customer when you have seen it yourself firsthand. While you are here, you will get to see how a door is constructed from start to finish, whether MDF or wood, see our top-of-the-line CNC machine in action, get to watch how we finish a door, and meet the staff that helps your team. It's a great opportunity to experience!

Testimonials from previous plant tour visitors:
"I truly enjoyed meeting different department employees. It helps to put a face with the name."

"I think that the factory tour did a good job of going through the full process from start to finish. It also was good to see the time and individualized attention that goes into each and every part and step along the way. It really shows that Upstate as a company has a very high standard and everyone along the way in the process is instrumental in that."



"I was impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise shown by each of the members of the Upstate team. Every person that we spoke with seemed to have a very good understanding of how each of the departments worked and of the overall process. They were able to answer any questions that came up at all."

"The expectations of our customers are very high and is extremely important to be able to provide them with the best solution to fit their needs. It really showed that you as a company go the extra steps to make sure that the product that you are quoting and providing is what will really be best for the end user."

"I like that you are a smaller operation, hands on, with a focus on quality, rather than quantity. While I feel you can handle jobs of different sizes, the attention to detail is not overlooked."

"I was impressed with how hard you work to make the process as easy as possible for your customer."

"I was most impressed by the attitude of the employees in the plant and in the office. They all took pride in the jobs they were doing and were eager to help in any way to help us understand why Upstate was different from the competition."

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